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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - "The Punctual Plumber" - is identity engineering for plumbing contractors. It's also an innovative, ground-floor franchise opportunity for ambitious contractors and business owners seeking to grow their company and dominate their marketplace by delivering to their customers a trustworthy plumber who will show up on time. 

What can an owner accomplish as part of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise that he can't do on his own? 

That depends on what they want. Franchising is a great way to short cut the trial by error method of running a business. It also allows the owners to maintain their freedom but still be part of a bigger organization. 

This franchise offers residential service plumbers the opportunity to compete with industry consolidators and franchised drain cleaners, plus it provides them with an exit strategy. 

In addition to the many tangible benefits, such as the ability to achieve the next level of prosperity and the idea of implementing a more secure business environment, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchising offers significant intangible benefits to its franchise owners in terms of self-fulfillment. 

Owners often say that being part of the Benjamin Franklin franchise family has put the "fun" back into owning a business. They enjoy associating and networking with some of the best players in the industry. Most important of all, they have the freedom to gain control of their business and their lives. 

A great identity consists of a great name, logo and message. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is a company name? Most plumbing contractors use the billfold method of name selection - They open their billfold and pick the name on their driver's license. Yet, sixty percent of people surveyed can't name a plumber. 

The name choice, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, is the result of a market survey of 1,600 residential service customers that found most customers see plumbers as honest, frugal and hardworking. 

We differentiate ourselves from all other plumbing companies by our unique message to the marketplace. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is The Punctual Plumber: "When we say we'll be there, we'll be there." If we don't meet our punctuality promise, the customer gets a Benjamin Franklin - a $100 dollar bill. We have trademarked punctuality in the plumbing industry and we own it in the marketplace. 

Benjamin Franklin is commonly known, but with an uncommon association with plumbing, and that is what catches your attention. The name is loaded with embedded positive associations - punctual, hard working, honest, inventive ... 

This is a full conversion franchise. That means as a franchisee comes on board, they must identify themselves as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing from trucks to uniforms to how you answer the phone, through a successfully proven transition process. The full conversion is essential and franchisees are required to fully convert their identity within six months. 

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