Our Latest Commercials, featuring Mike Rowe

Posted on: 05/11/15

Mike chats with Chris of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® and learns what it means for a plumber to have all the right tools for the job.

Mike explains why Scott and all of our Mister Sparky® electricians are so dependable.

Mike Rowe checks in with Shaun, the smart, dependable technician who saved the day.

Everybody needs a helping hand; Mike checks in with our experienced plumber, Leroy, and his apprentice, Richie.

Mike and Scott, our expert Mister Sparky® electrician, remind homeowners of the importance of home safety electrical inspections.

Mike Rowe checks in on Shaun, who gets the job done efficiently and affordably by planning ahead.

The superheroes of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® will never leave you high and dry.

The forces of darkness are no match for Mister Sparky's® super powers.

When HVAC disaster strikes, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating® comes to the rescue.

Mike and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® expert Chris demonstrate that neglecting your plumbing can cost you in the long run.

Mike and Mister Sparky® expert electrician Pablo show that, when it comes to your home wiring, doing it yourself can become an electrifying experience.

Mike and Jon explain how our experienced One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating® technicians can help you stay comfortable and save money.

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