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BuyMax Alliance™ is the purchasing arm for independent HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing contractors who benefit from the buying power of over 1,200 contractors today. By leveraging the negotiating strength of over $4 billion in consolidated sales, BuyMax Alliance™ is able to secure pricing from national vendors that offer substantial contractor discounts on your business purchases.

BuyMax Alliance™ puts the buying clout of the biggest corporations in your hands to provide you with unbeatable purchasing power, networking with fellow contractors, and business education to make you even more successful.

BuyMax Alliance™ brings the savings to you:

Using your BuyMax Alliance member number, you can tap into savings through the convenience of your office computer or telephone. You’ll establish relationships with vendors of your choice and begin saving time and money immediately!

To help our members compete against the “Big Box” retailers, BuyMax Alliance offers exclusive, high quality “can’t be price-shopped” Private Label products. We ultimately help contractors become more competitive and profitable in their market places

Origin and Mission:

Hundreds of contractors just like you have benefitted from the BuyMax Alliance™ concept through BuyMax Alliance™ Contractor’s Warehouse for more than ten years. BuyMax Alliance™ supports our members' efforts in improving their profitability and competitive position through negotiating preferential discount pricing with premier suppliers to our industry.

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