Our Mission
Clockwork Home Services
1. Superior Business Ethics: Our business actions must always be conducted in the most honorable, honest and ethical manner. 

2. Guaranteed Service Excellence: All our companies deliver superior service and products, and unsurpassed customer guarantees. 

3. The Place to Be: We strive to be the most desirable business to work for in all of our ventures, offering the best pay, benefits and work environment to all those employed within our companies. We will not involve ourselves with any business that profits at the expense of its customers or employees. 

4. Equity Opportunity: For those who have the passion, vision, and capital or who are willing to invest extraordinary effort, we welcome partners to our business. 

5. Services Company: We intend to become the world's largest and most profitable home service company. 


A family of home services:

Strong partnerships and a national support system.

Independently owned and operated.

About us

Clockwork Home Services is dedicated to improving the operations, efficiency, customer service and profitability of contractors in the home services industry in North America through affinity group membership and nationally branded franchises.


12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77046

Phone: (713) 877-3500
Email: contactus@clockworkhomeservices.com