Our Values & Vision
Clockwork Home Services
Clockwork's goal is to build a multi-billion dollar, highly profitable home services business. In brief, to become the "Proctor & Gamble" of the home services industry, holding the largest and most profitable brands in each home service category. 

The home services industry is an $80 billion market that is extremely fragmented with few, if any, recognized brands. Few companies offer what the consumer values most … TIME. Clockwork has perfected a method of delivering service to the consumer at a scheduled time with technology that links the customer to the company for future services. 

The plan is a well thought out and executed step-by-step roadmap to success that will provide management guidance for decades. Its simple, eight-step strategy can ensure 25% or more growth rates for the next 30 years. 

Clockwork Core Values 

  • Our Assets
  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Capital 

With the highest degree of Honesty and Business Integrity 

A family of home services:

Strong partnerships and a national support system.

Independently owned and operated.

About us

Clockwork Home Services is dedicated to improving the operations, efficiency, customer service and profitability of contractors in the home services industry in North America through affinity group membership and nationally branded franchises.


12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77046

Phone: (713) 877-3500
Email: contactus@clockworkhomeservices.com