What We Do
Clockwork Home Services

Clockwork builds branded companies in the home services market with a focus on superior customer service and technical knowledge. 

Clockwork, with its HVAC companies - One Hour Air Conditioning® ("Always on time or you don't pay a dime"®), Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® ("The Punctual Plumber"™) and Mister Sparky® ("America's On-Time Electrician"®), offer the consumer ON-TIME delivery of service or they don't pay. This offer can be met because of systems, culture and technology.

Our franchises have access to proven systems, best practices and experience being on the same team as like-minded contractors, who are not in direct competition with you. Our franchise owners are experts in their fields.  We support them with state of the art training, marketing, operations and collective buying power to help you grow their business, and to help all of us, collectively, grow this world class brand.

We have new products and offerings which are facilitating the expansion of all our franchise businesses.  Some of these include: 

  • Leasing
  • Protection plans
  • Energy Cross Selling opportunities
  • Exclusive private label products
  • A national advertising campaign
  • Public relations
  • Field Marketing Managers
  • Regional Business Consultants
  • In-house marketing team
  • Collective buying power

A family of home services:

Strong partnerships and a national support system.

Independently owned and operated.

About us

Clockwork Home Services is dedicated to improving the operations, efficiency, customer service and profitability of contractors in the home services industry in North America through affinity group membership and nationally branded franchises.


12 Greenway Plaza, Suite 250, Houston, TX 77046

Phone: (713) 877-3500
Email: contactus@clockworkhomeservices.com