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Success Group International, SGI
Success Group International (SGI) supports the four contractor affinity groups, Plumbers' Success International, AirTime 500, Electricians' Success International and Roofers' Success International as well as The Success Academy, SGI's outstanding training organization.

SGI helps the independent contractor and business owner in the home services industry to become more successful by providing members, who generally have inherited a family business or who have come from a purely technical background, achieve the success they desire. SGI acts as a business school for these owners where they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful and profitable business.

Success Group International provides its members with five major benefits:
  1. Very specific management direction based on the operational procedures leading the industry today
  2. Turnkey, proven marketing programs
  3. Training for front line people, technicians and management
  4. Group buying power
  5. Access to the greatest brain trust in the home services industries for a few dollars a day, as well as access to a $3 million dollar investment in proprietary management tools and systems and the inside track for the potential future sale of their company.
Plumbers' Success International
Electricians' Success International
Roofers' Success International
The Success Academy

Success Group International, SGI
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